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Glass Courses at the Glass Hub
GLASS FOUNDATION COURSE (10 weeks) Great Value!
with KT Yun and Helga Watkins-Baker
Glass Foundation Course
Our ten week glass foundation course is a great way to explore a wide variety of techniques and processes involved in creating with glass. Each Wednesday you will explore hot glassblowing and kiln-forming techniques together with some lampworking, sand casting and more. You will come away with a thorough understanding of the principle glassmaking processes with lots of hands-on experience.

Over ten weeks you will spend equal time in tour two main studios - The hot shop and the kiln room.

The hot glass component will cover the fundamentals of glassblowing, including furnace-work such as gathering, shaping, forming and blowing. Objects such as glass spheres, paperweights and vases will be explored. As you progress though the weeks  you will gain further experience as we focus on the development of key glassblowing skills, becoming familiar with shape, speed, heat and tool use, working on objects such as bowl or plate forms, using colour bar and working in teams, we will also use trails and foot bits to finish off your pieces. Throughout the course the focus will be on hands-on techniques, as well as enjoyment of this fascinating material.

In the warm glass module we will look at the basics of kiln forming namely the fusing of sheet glass, including glass cutting, shaping,  assembly, inclusions, and kiln firing and slumping practices. We will then go on to investigate intermediate techniques such as using reactive glasses, dichroic glass, pattern bar or ‘murrine’ techniques, kiln carving, the use of the vitrigraph, and other stimulating procedures. Finally we will have a chance to work on some kiln casting fundamentals such as mould-making with refractory moulds, box casting and the use of glass cullet and inclusions to create solid glass forms. You will gain confidence in tackling kiln projects in the future and develop your own design repertoire.

This course represents an excellent value as each full day with a limited number of students works out at only £120 per full day.
KT uses hot glass as her chosen artistic material and is passionate about the process as well as the product, using traditional techniques and merging them into contemporary styling - producing unique and graphic imagery. Her creations investigate the fluidity and possibilities of glass in its liquid form. KT has travelled and worked in many glass factories and studios throughout Europe, including Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, Lino Tagliapietra and Dale Chihuly. She was an original founder of the Liquid Glass Centre, but has more recently worked with glassblower Sonja Klingler. KT is a co-director of Minimelt Glass, producing small mobile glass blowing furnaces, and co-director of The Glass Hub.
KT Yun  Glass Blown and polished Sphere by KT Yun 
Helga originally trained in architectural stained glass, undertook postgraduate studies in kiln techniques for glass at Central St. Martin’s College, London, and an MA in Glass at Wolverhampton, specialising in kiln forming. She was chairperson of the Contemporary Glass Society from 2004-8, and was an original founder of the Liquid Glass Centre. Her glass work is an interpretation of ideas concerning nature, time, and the energy of natural forces and elements, such as air, water, light. She has worked in glass education for a number of years, and in 2010 published Kiln Forming Glass an in-depth guide to kiln processes for glass. She is co-director of The Glass Hub.
Helga Watkins-Baker  Kiln Cast Glass by Helga Watkins-Baker  Kiln Forming Glass by Helga Watkins-Baker
Kiln Forming Glass on
COURSE TUTOR: KT Yun and Helga Watkins-Baker
COURSE LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate
10 weekday sessions on Wednesdays
COURSE TIMES: 10am - 4pm
Group and individual tuition
basic materials*
Use of facilities, tools and equipment
Download Pre-Course Information
COURSE FEE: £1200 (An installment plan can be arranged - please email us)
*extra materials available at cost
**This includes hot and cold beverages but not lunch. Please bring a packed lunch as there are no restaurants or shops nearby.
If you have any queries about this or any other Glass Hub course then please give us a call on 01225 768888. If there is nobody available then leave us a message and we will get bck to you as soon as we can.
*March - April dates no longer available
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